Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mobility vs. Injury

Long time no post. Anyone who knows me personally or follows this blog knows that the only time I ever stop talking about running is when I am injured. Well, it's that time of year again. Some things crept up on me, then a hard descent down Mt. Mitchell in the wrong shoes along with a couple hours of ultimate frisbee in the wrong shoes have introduced me to the wonderful world of ankle tendinitis. I've never felt one like this before.

Along the way, however, I have discovered that working on mobility is the way to keep things like this from happening. The injuries of my past and present: ITBS, foot and ankle tendinitis, and low back pain can all be cured, that's right cured, by introducing some mobility exercises into your daily routine.

This guy, Kelly Starrett, or KStar, is here to show us the way. Runners start with this post, and work your way around his blog and around you body. Regain your youth in 10 minutes per day. While I cannot run, this is what I will be working on.

Run hard out there...