Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Bike Commute Summary

One of the things I wish I did more of in 2010 is ride my bike to work. Here's how 2010 ended up for me (I'm on vacation next week, so no opportunity to change these numbers).

  • Bike Commute Days: 46
  • Miles: ~ 550
  • Gallons of Gas Saved: ~ 27
  • Gas Money Saved: ~ $70

46 days is ok, but I would have liked to have done better. In 2009, I set a goal of riding 90 days. I rode 34 days in 2008. Despite the much higher goal for 2009, I only slightly increased my number of commute days to 39. This year, without really trying, I increased to 46 days, so I am happy about that.

But I still want to do better.

Here is where I go wrong: I don't really start riding until March, and I pretty much quit in November. Hmmm... Could it be the winter weather that keeps me in?

We had a lot of snow and ice winter of 2009/2010. And so far for the end of 2010, it has been the cold weather and wind.

Seems like I need to gear up!

Some things on my dream list I need to turn my LeMond Poprad cyclocross bike into the ultimate year-round commuter:

  • Full length fenders, front and back
  • 38c Knobby or Semi-slick tires for potential winter weather
  • Better pants for cold weather riding, perhaps rain pants too
  • Comfortable Balaclava that will fit under helmet
  • Reflective tape to make me more visible

What else? Is it too late for me to go see Santa?

Run hard out there...