Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goals Shmoals

So 2009 did not go as planned, from a fitness goal standpoint. Sub 14 hour Hellgate. 100 push-ups. 20 pull-ups. Oh well. So I didn't make it.


I can do a heckuva lot more push-ups that I could 365 days ago. My sprint endurance has improved. Today I shoveled snow and didn't even get winded.

What's in store for 2010? Not sure yet. But you can be sure the bar is not getting any lower.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Hellgate: End of a Fun Run

Well, it's official. I'm not running the 2009 Hellgate 100k. My heart and mind were just not into it this year enough to get me there. I told Horton this past week that I was out. I think he knew it anyway. I'm a bit sad, but it's just a race, right?

I celebrated today with a great run on the trails of Mill Mountain. The 12 miles felt almost effortless as we made our way up, down, around, up, and down again. The beauty and spirit of the run today made me question my decision. Six Hellgates in a row. My streak has ended. It was a fun run.

Below is an image of today's 12 miler. Every bit of it, I believe, within the Roanoke City limits.

Good luck Hellgate runners. No full moon this year.

Run hard out there...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today's Intense Workout

Today's workout:

38 degrees, pouring rain.

Jog to the park, about 1 mile.

I had my timer set to beep every minute, for 20 minutes. On the start of every minute:

10 push-ups
100 Yard Sprint
Rest till next minute.

Jog back downtown.

It's a keeper.

Run hard out there...