Sunday, April 27, 2008

Promise Land -- a quick update

The story of the 2008 Promise Land 50k started with the heavy rain on Friday evening, which gave birth to a very beautiful morning on the trails, which ended up being quite a hot run for those of us out there after around 11am. It was even hotter for those who finished later. It was over 80-degrees in Sedalia, VA as runners were still crossing the finish line.

Tentative results are up.

More later, including a post-race analysis and a look into how heat affects us during long runs. But for now, grab a cold one and read Mike Day's report on heat and hydration.

Stay cool out there...

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mkirk said...


Heat and humidity can take a severe toll out there. It'll be cool to read more about your thoughts, I know I have much to learn...

Enjoy the NRT, that's a great trail. There're lots of rail trails here in WV worth exploring. Hope we can get together for a run soon.