Friday, April 3, 2009


When I was in Atlanta last week, I met with a personal trainer for a kettlebell clinic. It was fun, rewarding, and I hope to post more about it soon.

Kettlebells are showing up everywhere these days. I caught a glimpse of one on The Biggest Loser last week, which means they are now an official fitness gadget. A local YMCA is looking to start a KB class similar to Body Pump. It kind of flies in the face of traditional Russian kettlebell training, but at least they are helping people get off the elliptical machine and get in shape.

Here is a great deal for the ultrarunner looking to start a kettlebell regimen.

Okay, maybe I'm a couple days late on this one...

Run hard out there.


aerojust said...

I tried Kettlebells and loved it. My friend and office mate trains with Kettlebells at KettleBell Elite ( here in Virginia Beach. The only thing keeping me from making this part of my training is time. I really feel it will help my running a great deal, especially with form in the later parts of longer ultras.

Jen said...

I've been using KBs for a few years now, starting with a 15# bell, and now I regularly swing a 1 pood bell. There's always time for a KB workout. Swing it for 15 seconds, rest 15, repeat the work/rest for anywhere from 5-10 minutes, or for however much time you have.

As an ultrarunner, I don't see how that kit from Gaiam you linked would be beneficial whatsoever. "Slim and Tone" with a 4# kettlebell? Are ultra runners THAT scared to lift 'heavy' things?? Save your money and use some cinder blocks, bricks, dumbbells, or fill an empty milk jug with sand.

I think KBs have jumped the shark since being featured on TBL and are now being packaged and marketed as something 'sexy'. I've added at least 1 KB workout per week in my training, and always try to get swings in. They are great for your hips and core, since the power of the swing is from the hips. My running has improved so much with the addition of KBs and CrossFit.

I'm interested to hear more about the clinic and your take on KBs.

Neal Jamison said...


Thanks for the comment. I could not agree with you more on KBs and their benefit. The link to the tiny KB at Amazon was my attempt at April Fools satire. Although a few ultrarunners I know would have trouble swinging your 1 pood bell.

Keep it up!