Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today's Intense Workout

Today's workout:

38 degrees, pouring rain.

Jog to the park, about 1 mile.

I had my timer set to beep every minute, for 20 minutes. On the start of every minute:

10 push-ups
100 Yard Sprint
Rest till next minute.

Jog back downtown.

It's a keeper.

Run hard out there...


Sophie Speidel said...


It won't be the same without you on Friday night! I was hoping to see your name on the entrants list (and secretly hoping you'd push me under 15:00). Hope you are well and that we will see you out here again soon.

Rick Gray said...

I will ditto Sophie's comment. We miss seeing you Neal.

Pat said...

That looks like a pretty solid workout. Def one I'll have to try!