Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mountain Running

What a way to end the week: three days in a row of mountain running.

Thursday we ran up Mill Mountain. Not a mighty mountain, but also not a bad start to the weekend. 6 miles.

Friday evening we ran up and over McAfee's Knob. That was a fun run finished off with a good (late) meal with BBQ and (some new) friends. 8 miles.

Saturday Jay and I ran the AT from 220N to Fulhardt Knob Shelter and a mile beyond before turning around and running back to the car. The humidity had to have been 111%, but the temperature was comfortable for the first time in weeks. The mountain was covered in a heavy fog which collected in the webs of the orb weavers, decorating our path along the way. It was the most beautiful run I've had in some time. A bit challenging too. 14 miles.

Sunday will be a day of rest, before getting into another week of fun.

Run hard out there...


Lynne said...

I'm so jealous! When I can I run it with you!

Neal Jamison said...