Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The role of good nutrition...

I came across this article in the Lincoln Courier today. Mike Siltman has been running ultras since 2004. In last weekend's Rocky Raccoon, he took about an hour off of his previous time. He credits some of it to good old nutrition:

"The reason Siltman, 39, cites is his online personal trainer, a woman based in Tuscon, Ariz., who has offered weekly nutritional and training regimens since December. Fruits, steamed vegetables and raw nuts are new diet staples, ...."

It makes me wonder... how much of a role does nutrition really play in our ultrarunning? I recently picked up a book called The Paleo Diet for Athletes. It prescribes eating like a caveman -- natural, minimally processed foods -- and tailors the diet toward different phases of endurance training and racing. Fascinating stuff. More on this later.

Congratulations too to VA ultrarunner and fellow Hellgate 100k veteran Aaron Schwartzbard for finishing second at the RR100 in 15:20. I'll have to ask him what he eats.

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