Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yet another ultrarunning website...

Google "ultrarunning" and you'll find a decent selection of sites that offer information on races, gear, training, etc. So why would I want to create yet another website? What could I have to say that others have not already said? Probably nothing. But I'm doing it anyway.

In 2002 I wrote a book called "Running Through The Wall: Personal encounters with the ultramarathon." This book is a collection of 33 first-person encounters with the ultramarathon. From the veterans and champions of the sport to the first time ultrarunners, this collection describes in detail what it is like to run the ultramarathon. When I started working on the book, I was relatively new the sport or ultrarunning. I had completed a handful of 50-kilometer races, several ultra-distance adventure runs, and one painful 50 miler. I was pretty sure at that time that I would never run a 100-miler. I did not have the desire, nor did I think it was possible.

Working on the book, I met a bunch of talented and experienced ultrarunners. As we wrote those stories together, I learned from some of the best what it takes to prepare for and complete some of the toughest ultras out there. I began to take their experiences, their training tips, and their lessons learned, and apply them to my own running. My running started to improve...

I ran my second 50-miler in the fall of 2002, and found it was much better than my first. Then, ironically, the weekend that the book was published in April of 2003, I ran my first 100-miler, finishing 8th place overall in a time of 19 hours, 16 minutes.

In just over a year I went from ultrarunning newbie to someone with a pretty respectable 100-miler time. And I credit a lot of that transformation to the knowledge that I gained from working with other ultrarunners. That is the reason for this website. I want to collect the experiences, lessons learned, training tips, and more from ultrarunners everywhere so I can further improve my ultrarunning. If it happens to improve yours too, then great!

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