Saturday, May 10, 2008

I mailed it... (Old Dominion 100)

Well, I did it. I dropped my entry for the 2008 Old Dominion 100 Mile Cross Country Run in the mailbox today. Then I jogged across the street and ate a Big Mac.

Today's run was the Trail Nuts 10k (ran the 10k instead of the half-marathon so I could get some volunteer hours in for Grindstone). I managed to get 2nd overall with a slow 46:45, and received a very nice award -- a 10-pound, engraved stepping stone to commemorate the day.

Overall, a very nice day. Then there's that Old Dominion thing looming... More on this later. I need to collect my thoughts.

Run hard out there...


Buddo said...

Good luck. Nail another 50K and a couple 20+ers and you're good to go. I'm envious.

Neal Jamison said...

Thanks Buddo. I have about 3 training weeks left. I'm out of town with work next week, and oncall two of those 3 weeks. So long training runs are going to be tough to come by. In place of long runs, I've had success with two- and even three-a-day runs. That will probably be my approach next week, then I'll start to taper. I'll post my crash-course-training plan early this week.


Sophie Speidel said...

Yo Neal! I plan to be at OD as a "companion runner" to Bill Gentry. Looking forward to seeing the famous Sherman's Gap section. I hear OD is a great race. Best of luck!!