Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time on the feet

I've decided not to run the Burkes Garden FA this upcoming weekend due to some lingering tendonitis in my lower legs and feet. I'm focusing on a very strong Grindstone, so I need to heal and get back on the mountains. Pushing myself too soon would just prolong my down time.


Here's what hurts: The arches of my feet have hurt since the moment I finished the OD 100. I blame this on a lack of "time on the feet" training. At about mile 50 of the OD 100, I told Jay my feet were hurting, and he said, "Oh yeah. Time on the feet." What he meant was that I hadn't put enough hours into my long training runs. At that point in the day I had run my second longest run in 6 months. I had not put in enough "time on my feet." And he was right. Ultimately my consistent 40 mile weeks were enough to get me to the finish, but they were not enough to really prepare my tendons and joints for a hard 100 mile effort.

Lesson learned.

My Achille's tendons are still sore. Not bad, but a lingering soreness that was there even before OD 100. Enough to make me think... And just behind my left ankle is a nagging soreness that has been there since the day after.

Time on the feet. Lesson learned.

All of these get better every day. If I bike too hard or jog a couple miles, they tend to be a bit worse the next morning. Ibuprofen totally knocks them out, so I don't think it is anything serious -- just some nagging, post-hundred-miler pain.

A direct result of a lack of training. Not enough time on the feet

There has been a big discussion lately on the big ultra list about preparing for 100s. Many suggest building up to 100 mile weeks before the big day. I am able to run a hundred miles in under 24 hours on 40 miles per week. But at what cost to my body? Jay puts more time on his feet, and he can run three hundreds in 6 weeks. With my training, I'm good for one per summer.

Lesson learned.

Meanwhile, I'm walking daily, riding my bike to/from work (saving ga$), and doing my "metabolic conditioning" interval workouts. If past hundreds are any indication I'll be back to it in no time. Stronger than ever.

Run hard out there... but be sure to put in the "time on the feet." Or else your feet will put some time on you.


Sophie Speidel said...


Let's talk soon about Gstone training. I have some questions for you!


Neal Jamison said...


You have questions for me?!? I should be picking your brain.