Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Grindstone Training

Sophie is organizing some training runs for the 2008 Grindstone 100 Miler. Let me know if you need contact information for her, or better yet, post a comment to her blog. Also be sure to follow along as she blogs her training for this beast of an event.

July 12, meet at noon for run from Elliott's Knob to Rte 250. We will figure out cars, etc. as it approaches. Should be fairly easy to do so. Total run, 24 miles or so.

Saturday July 19 Trayfoot Loop in SNP (near C'Ville) 21 miles, 4,000+ feet of climb.

Sunday July 20, TWOT loop, 25 miles, 8,000 feet of climb.

Saturday Aug 2, repeats of Elliotts Knob. I want to run as many as I can in three hours.

Sat/Sun Aug 9, 10 Horton is planning a Gstone training run (I think).

Sat Aug 16 Dennis is directing JET 50 (Jerkemtight 50 mile) on the original Gstone course (south of Rte 250).

Labor Day weekend Aug 30, 31...
Sat. run from TWOT parking to Grindstone turn-around and back (30 miles).
Sunday run a loop of TWOT (25 miles).

September 13 or 14: Priest/Three Ridges (24 miles).

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