Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm heading to the Podiatrist

I had a great 60 mile training week last week up until the last 8 miles. Most of my miles were on the flat, paved bike path in Duck, NC (at the beach). I also did a good deal of walking, as well as a few sets of sprint intervals on the beach. I had virtually no pain in my feet all week. Sure there was some soreness, but nothing that a few rolls on the tennis ball and a dip in the Atlantic didn't solve.

On Sunday I headed up to the AT for a 20-mile solo run. 7 miles into it, my right arch started aching again. It started as I ran over some of the rocks and roots that mark the AT in this area. Is it bruised fascia? Or Plantar Fasciitis? Most likely. Is it a stress fracture? Probably not, but I should rule it out. It's a nagging pain. Not one that makes me stop, or even causes a limp. But if it hurts after 7 miles, what will it feel like 50 miles into my next hundred?

So I called all of the local podiatrists today, making appointments with all of them until I finally got an appointment for this week. Wednesday, 3pm.

I have 4 good training weeks left until Grindstone. My fitness is as good as it has ever been. But it's hard to get "time on the feet" when the feet need time to heal. So this week will be mostly metabolic conditioning training with weights. Zero miles until I see the doc, and maybe none until this weekend. Labor day weekend is traditionally a big training weekend for me. I'm heading into this one with fingers crossed.


Sophie Speidel said...


Hope the news you get from the doc is good...consider pool running if you have access to a pool. Here is an article from Running Times that really helped me when I was injured:

Let us know how it goes.


Sophie Speidel said...

Try this link.