Friday, October 31, 2008

Lifting Weights Improves Running Economy

If you guys don't follow the Conditioning Research blog, you should. The latest post is about a study that shows that weight training improves running economy.

If there is one thing an ultrarunner should want more of, it's running economy. Mine is in recession. But I have a bailout plan...

Run hard out there.


Nu-U Fitness Natural Athlete said...

I agree. I am just not starting to train an ultra runner! I am excited to see how he does. Any advice??

Neal Jamison said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I'm intrigued by crossfit endurance ( They believe that functional fitness and evolutionary fitness and diet (google Art Devany) can do more for endurance than traditional slow-steady training. I know from experience that both slow-steady and fast-twitch training have their place in ultra training. I am still trying to find the right blend. Post to my recent blog entry if you want to discuss this more. Good luck!