Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Withdrawn from MMTR, Doubtful for Hellgate

I don't really have much to say about it. I had a great first half of the year, ran 100 miles in less than 24 hours for the fifth time, then it has been all uphill from there.

Running used to be my passion, my way of expressing myself and having fun. When the passion is gone, it becomes more work than fun. I hope the passion returns someday. I've taken breaks before, and each time come back stronger. Will this be one of those times?

Best of luck to everyone. Thanks all for reading my blog and my books.

Run hard out there.



Sophie Speidel said...

Neal, my friend:

I am sad to read your words and hope you will be able to find the passion for running again. I am guessing your injury is playing a role? Yes, you had a ridiculous first half of the year---I remember you telling me at Holiday Lake that you were just "getting back into shape" after Hellgate 07 and that you did! You kicked my butt at Promise Land and then ran like a rock star at OD100.

You have much to celebrate.

Thanks for getting this blog off the ground and for getting me pumped up for Gstone. Half the fun of training for that race was comparing notes with folks like you. It was a bummer you couldn't have been there. Take some time this winter to play, ski, chill, then come back next year hungry and train like a maniac for Gstone 09.

Or...perhaps a blog post on burnout? Recovering from injury? What you are feeling is part of the ultra plan, I believe. We can all learn something.

Take care and come out to Bearwallow Gap in December!


Neal Jamison said...

Thanks Sophie and others who contacted me via email. I have not completely marked Hellgate off the calendar, although it is full and I am not in it. I need to get through some personal garbage, then I can move on.

Rick Gray said...

Neal, I like Sophie am sad to read your words. In my 36 years of running, I have learned that your heart has to be in it or it becomes like a job. Running is not worth that as there are so many things to occupy our short time here. As my running will never again be at the competitive level that it once was, I am able to look back with fond memories to those days. But, now I look more forward to the fun times of being out there with friends and new runners that I meeat along the trail. That is now my motivation and then how fast I go is now secondary. I hope that a little break and rest will result in both a healing of the heart and body. Goals are important and help keep us on track. This is true even for fun things. Join me at Grindstone 2009. Thank you for the fun times on the trail and the information you have posted. Take a break and I will see you soon. Rick

CoyoteGirl said...

Neal, I think all of us runners know how you feel. We've all been there at some time and we haven't, we'll be there soon enough. I too am in a mini-vacation from running necessitated by personal/career stuff and that "just don't feel like running" feeling. I'm hoping it passes soon for both of us.