Monday, March 2, 2009

Great run in the snow!

Okay, so what is looking to be the biggest snow "storm" of the winter of 2008/2009 provided the perfect conditions for my last hard run before Catawba. I hit Fishburn Park for 4 tough miles of running in about 6 inches of snow. It was absolutely beautiful! I must start carrying a camera while running. I have a birthday coming up (hint hint).

I wore my Nike ACG running shoes.
These rugged beasts beat any other shoe I have ever worn for running like this. Problem is, I don't know where to find them anymore, and that picture is not even of the shoe I have, although I think it is the same model. It was these same beasts (an earlier model) that I screwed screws into the year that I ran my PR at Hellgate -- also in snow and ice. Lots of it.

Right now the Catawba trail is completely covered by at least 10" of snow. Most of it will likely melt before this weekend -- maybe. The current forecast is for 60-degrees by Saturday. Perfect

Absolutely perfect.

Run hard out there.


Tatiana said...

Hi Neal,
It seems that I'll have a real summer trail run this Saturday (with temperatures in 65-85 deg range) ;-)

Just wondering when you have your "birthday coming up"?

I have mine "coming up" too ;-) -- no hints


Sophie Speidel said...

10 inches of snow, huh? Looks like screw shoes for me. When we ran TWOT in 60 degrees and 4 inches of snow, it was slippery and slushy. Good times! See you Saturday!