Friday, June 19, 2009

Matt and Lily

Matt and Lily are over halfway back home now. They ducked into our place for a couple days to get out of the rain. We shared some good meals and lots of laughs over legos and Wii Bowling. I hope I don't have Matt hooked on video games now. Somehow I doubt it.

Continue to check out Matt's blog for updated photos from their journey. They left here with 14 days and about 530 miles under their belts. We loaded them down with leftover food and drink, and wished them well as they were once again on their way.

Two beautiful people, living the dream...


eck said...

oh man! thanks for helping our those guys! seeing their slide show brings back memories of my yorktown to portland bike trip during the very hot summer of '95. it was kind and generous people like yourself who truly made the journey one of the most amazing expereinces of my life! i hope they got to meet june curry.

mkirk said...


Matt and Lily here. We had a wonderful time at your abode and enjoyed hanging out with your family.

Thanks for hosting us and we hope to return the favor soon. We hope your back feels better so perhaps you can partake in Mike's run! Remember, there's always ALTAR. When's Hellgate this year anyway?