Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun with GPS

Last week I read an article in the NY Times about using GPS to create artwork. I discussed this with some friends a long time ago, and we never did it. I guess we missed out on an opportunity, so now if we do it, we are just being trendy.

(Michael Nagle of the New York Times)

There are two reasons why I sometimes wish I lived in a big city. 1) so I could ride my fixed-gear bike everywhere (also quite trendy I am told), and 2) so I could do neat art stuff like this.

Inspired by the article, I decided to make some artwork during my morning high intensity sprint/pushup workout.

The workout, in case you are interested was a "prison" workout with pushups.
  • 25 pushups, sprint 100yards, walk 30 yards,
  • 24 pushups, spring 100 yards, walk 30 yards,
  • 23...
  • 22...
  • all the way down to 1.
Brutal. My arms are still a bit shaky as I type this.

Slightly disappointed by my first GPS art effort, I went out for a longer run and captured it for the sake of art. Here it is:

Ok, maybe not.

Run hard out there...

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