Tuesday, March 2, 2010

AT/Catawba update

I've got some friends planning a little run on the AT around Catawba this Saturday. Here is a trail report:

I was on the trails on Sunday. The dark sides of the mountains still have lots of snow, and we are getting more now, tonight and tomorrow. My front yard was clear this morning, now it is white again. I can see the slopes that lean towards I-81, and they are very white. Nights between now and Saturday are below freezing. Days are above. Saturday the forecast is for sunny, with a high of 53. Perfect afternoon for refreshments off the trail. But first you have to make it off the trail.

I recommend: gaiters, beefy shoes, a change or two of socks, pants with the ability to change to shorts, short sleeve shirt with a light wind breaker, gloves and something for the head. Sunglasses (snowglasses ?) will be important too.

Run hard out there...

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