Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running Through The Wall: a new review

With only a few reviews of my book on,
I'm always excited when I get a new one.
Here is the most recent:

Hey, 3 out of 5 ain't bad! Thanks J.

If anyone wants to borrow my copy, let me know.

Run hard out there.


Sophie Speidel said...

I, for one, totally disagree. In fact, I give the book to newbies every chance I get and the feedback is always positive. So there!

UltraBrad said...


No worries, I got my copy and read it a few times before blogs even came on the scene. I knew I was ahead of the curve.


Rachel said...

I give it a 5. It's one of the few books I happily read on a cross-country flight and I know I'll be reading it numerous more times.

Sophie Speidel said...

Just gave the book as a UVA graduation gift for my assistant coach who helped me set up our "mini-Barkley" course. She was psyched.

Neal Jamison said...

Thanks everyone!

Mark Berry said...

So much for reviews - my wife bought me this book and I've enjoyed it - twice! The mix of "world-class" and "common man" (and women) runners - each telling their own story - is inspiring. The stories really come through in the first person narratives.

One question for the author - when does Volume II come out?

Neal Jamison said...

Mark: Thanks man. There has been very little discussion about V2. Tell you what. When I get 50 reviews at, I will start V2.