Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweaty Clothes

Okay, Summer is here. Not officially yet, but lunchtime workouts in the 90s confirms it in my book. The result for me and plenty of others I know: Several pounds of wet clothes.

Today my shorts were so wet (from sweat!) I decided just to wear them in the shower, rinse them out and maybe get another day out of them. But alas, they ended up in the grocery bag at the bottom of my messenger bag with the wrung out shirt and very damp socks. A heavy reminder of yet another great workout (today was a 5-mile tempo run).

I visited one of my co-workers today in her office and the first thing I noticed was her clear plastic bag of wet clothes in the floor. She quickly moved it out of the way, perhaps embarrassed, I don't know. They certainly did not bother me. But it got me thinking... there has got to be a better way.

So I did a quick search, and I found a lovely solution. The Sweat Bag.

Most of the designs are a little feminine for my taste, but I think they might make the perfect gift for the woman in your life who has to deal with 5 pounds of sweaty clothes on a daily basis. Come on guys, encourage the sweat!

For now, I'll probably stick with the plastic grocery bag. Turn it inside out each day and it will last for weeks.

What do you do with your post-workout sweaty clothes?

Run hard out there...


Jud said...

What do I do with my sweaty clothes? Put them in a plastic bag and hope I don't leave them in the car!
Thanks for the great gift idea.

robison52 said...

Since I live in the Las Vegas desert, I'm forced on the gym's treadmill...I don't put those sweaty clothes in any plastic bag...instead, I leave them out inside the trunk and they dry almost instantly in the heat.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, the link posted above with the Sweat Mate bag for sweaty workout clothes has a few "not so feminine" colors now. They have an Urban Camo, and a Navy blue one. If you click their Shop Now button from this link, you'll see their options.