Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Bike Commute Summary

One of the things I wish I did more of in 2010 is ride my bike to work. Here's how 2010 ended up for me (I'm on vacation next week, so no opportunity to change these numbers).

  • Bike Commute Days: 46
  • Miles: ~ 550
  • Gallons of Gas Saved: ~ 27
  • Gas Money Saved: ~ $70

46 days is ok, but I would have liked to have done better. In 2009, I set a goal of riding 90 days. I rode 34 days in 2008. Despite the much higher goal for 2009, I only slightly increased my number of commute days to 39. This year, without really trying, I increased to 46 days, so I am happy about that.

But I still want to do better.

Here is where I go wrong: I don't really start riding until March, and I pretty much quit in November. Hmmm... Could it be the winter weather that keeps me in?

We had a lot of snow and ice winter of 2009/2010. And so far for the end of 2010, it has been the cold weather and wind.

Seems like I need to gear up!

Some things on my dream list I need to turn my LeMond Poprad cyclocross bike into the ultimate year-round commuter:

  • Full length fenders, front and back
  • 38c Knobby or Semi-slick tires for potential winter weather
  • Better pants for cold weather riding, perhaps rain pants too
  • Comfortable Balaclava that will fit under helmet
  • Reflective tape to make me more visible

What else? Is it too late for me to go see Santa?

Run hard out there...

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Bill said...

Neal - excellent post. I need to go back and do the calculations. Unfortunately, all the data's on the laptop with the dead power supply.

I'm in the 200 day range, commuting year-round here in Germany. My Kona Jake cyclocross bike is my steed of choice, although Monday morning the ride will be my Trek MTB, thanks to ~6-8" of snow we received on Christmas Eve.

Fenders - I highly recommend the Planet Bike 45mm's (, especially if your planning to go with 38c's. Which brings me to the next suggestion...

Tires - this time of year, the Schwalbe Snow Studs are incredible. This is my second winter on them and I can't imagine riding on anything else. Grinding through heavily rutted chunky snow/ice means that the front wheel will quickly aim in directions you didn't anticipate. The studs keep it from scrubbing out from under you.

Balaclava? Can't stand them, even in the single digits fahrenheit. I just generate too much heat.

Illuminite clothing - get it and forget about reflective strips. Your entire body becomes a reflective surface. Lots to be had at Performance/Nashbar, etc.

Happy riding and Happy New Year!