Friday, September 5, 2008

Peroneal Tendonitis

What does it feel like? For me, it feels kind of like Plantar Fasciitis. A dull ache in the arch of the foot. The pain is mostly on the outside of the arch, halfway between the toe and the heel. The peroneal tendon comes down around the ankle and attaches to the bottom of the foot in that area.

Google it for more info.

I can run fine for several miles. Then it gets angry. If I'm running on uneven terrain, it gets worse.

NSAIDs are very effective. But at what cost? I did get a prescription for a Ketoprofen cream (basically an NSAID that you rub on the affected area). It works too. But my insurance doesn't cover it, and it is about $40 per ounce. That should last me a couple weeks, and with the allowable refills, I will definitely have some magic cream in my next 100 miler drop bag.

Rest is working for me. I'm hitting the weights and relaxing. It's nice to end the summer knowing that I don't have to run 100 miles anytime soon.

But then again, MMTR is just around the corner.


that girl said...

I just stumbled across your blog and find it incredibly inspirational and informative. I hope your feet heal soon!

Neal Jamison said...

Thanks for the kind words TG. Best of luck with your running! -Neal

CoyoteGirl said...

Hi Neal - Thanks for the post about your tendonitis. It's not what I'm feeling at all. The soreness that I'm experiencing is not at all severe, and I don't even notice it when I run. It's more by my achilles and underneath my achilles. I know what's causing it. I tend to tense up my feet (my right foot more) and walk/stand on the outside of my foot. I don't know why I do it...bad habit really. I'm really working on relaxing my feet and ankles as I think that the tension I exhibit there is the problem and mostly a bad habit. A wierd one at that.

Rest up and get well again! Love your blog.