Monday, October 27, 2008

More riding, less running

I was a long distance cyclist before I was an ultrarunner. Getting back to basics for me usually starts with a ride to work or a long ride in the mountains. The breeze is never fully at my back these days, but any ride is a good ride.

I laced up my Lemond Poprad this morning for a ride to work. It was windy, not too cold. A nice reminder of how much I used to enjoy those mornings with 30-miles under my tires before even getting into town. I long for those mornings. They are just around the bend.


ncultra said...

Hey Neal, that's a great photo of your bike on the trail. Makes me want to run...

Hope to see you soon!


Neal Jamison said...


I stole that picture off the internet. But that is a nice looking trail. It makes me want to run too!

I loved your summer post. I'm jealous. Believe it or not, but my first goal for 2009 is to set a 5k PR (5, not 50). I'm getting back to basics. Then my ultimate 2009 goals are Hinson Lake and Hellgate PRs.

Take care,