Saturday, December 20, 2008

First run in a week

Every time I run a tough ultra, I promise myself throughout the last tough miles that I will take a week (or sometimes two) off with no running. But usually I get a couple days before I have to get out there again.

This week I did it. I went all week without running a step. I did a couple quick circuit workouts, and got back into doing pull ups again, but no running.

But you know how obsessive we runners can get. I sat around this morning after a breakfast of French Toast and fried apples, thinking about how out of shape I have become because I haven't run or worked out hard for a week. So I did it. I went for a short run. It felt good to get back out there.

Some have asked about my recovery from Hellgate. It has gone really well. I had some DOMS in my quads for a couple days. My feet have been sore, but not bad. My biggest complaint was with my big toe, which I hurt when I tripped on a limb pretty early into the night. It was swollen even a couple days after. It was stiff at the beginning of the run this morning, but it loosened up nicely and feels fine even now.

Time to start thinking about goals for 2009. I've shared a few of mine with some of you, and I'll post more later. I think my first goal is going to be a 5K PR.

"We need speed. Speed's what we need. Greasy fast speed."


Sophie Speidel said...

My first run post-Hellgate was yesterday. I'll post a bit on it later, but the short story is that it was our annual Winter Solstice run. I ran about 2 hours all on trail and felt grear, except during the last 20 minutes, when a little foot "issue" (that I didn't feel until the day after the race) flared up. I am hoping it's a mild case of PF and not a SF (don't want to even say the words!!). I am happily swimming and lifting and spinning anyway. No race plans until March. I'll keep you posted!!

Sophie Speidel said...


When you had peroneal tendonitis, what were the symptoms?

My foot "issues" started the day after Hellgate---soreness on the outside edge of my left foot. It came and went all week, getting worse when I wore a pair of shoes without good support. I ran 2 hours a week later with no problems until the last 20 minutes---then I felt a pulling sensation on my heel. Had to walk a bit, then ran home, but no more issues. No running since then, iced, Aleve, stretch, feels better but still sore. AND I have a sore spot where the peroneal tendon attaches to the 5th metatarsal on the top of the foot, but not as sore as a few days ago. Thoughts?

Neal Jamison said...


See my post here:

For me, it felt like PF, but more local to the outside of my foot. In general, my feet just hurt all of the time. They still do after a long run or race. I doubt you have a SF. I was told that if it were a SF the pain when running would be much worse (unbearable?).

It sounds like you are doing the right thing. Use the holidays to rest and recover. Time off is about all I can suggest. Good luck, and Merry Christmas!

robison52 said...

I posted in my blog your comments about "Crossfit" as I'm looking for something to keep me fit while my right knee recovers (non-running injury from being tapped by luggage). I'm still delving into the FAQ's and other information on the Crossfit site. Thanks for the tip about Crossfit!!!