Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanks Marc.

Below is an excerpt from an email from one of my good running buddies Marc Griffin. Marc and I spent many hours on the Hellgate course last year training together. This is the note that got me back on track with respect to my running.

...I have to send you this email to get your butt in gear. You have a little over a month to get ready. Run a few miles each weak and keep biking. Since you are already signed up come out and run with me. This will be a lot slower then you are used to and hopefully we can get you to the finish. We can run it together, this will help both of us. Let me know what you think. If its one race this whole year I would love to see you finish ...

And then again today:

One thing to remember and I believe this with out a doubt,

70% is physical and in the training,
30% or more comes from the heart, if you want it bad enough you WILL do it.

All that is left now is to relax, rest up and eat good. There is nothing you can change now so why worry.
Remember if i come running up and catch you, I am going to drag you to that finish so be prepared, also if i see you stopped at an aid station i am not leaving without you!

Hopefully neither of these two will happen and we can celebrate together sometime Saturday afternoon!

I got lots of support from others too, but these stand out in my mind for some reason. It helps to have good running friends to support us along the way.

Thanks Marc. I'm looking forward to seeing you out there this weekend.

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