Sunday, February 22, 2009

More ultrarunners, less mileage

I stumbled across this story of a 22-year-old woman who just finished the Rocky Raccoon 100 in 25-hours on very low training mileage. Yes, she is another Crossfit success story.

Speaking of that, I ran 13.5 miles on the AT today (my longest run since early December. In fact, this week was a 29-mile week, my longest training week since just before Hellgate). It was a cold, windy run with a mix of sun and snow flurries. I reached McAfee's Knob in 51 minutes, a recent record for me. Then I stormed the descent and continued a couple miles toward Tinker Cliffs before turning around and running back. I met a guy coming off the Knob who was carrying a 45-pound backpack, training for some mountaineering. I was impressed.

If I can get just one more power run up there on the AT, then I know I will be ready for the Catawba Run Around. I think the next training run will be on North Mountain. It's been almost a year since I've been up there.

Run hard out there...


Sophie Speidel said...


Your posts on low mileage training and Crossfit intrigue me. Keep them coming!

I have been averaging 50-65 mile weeks in Feb and have been doing dynamic strength exercise (burpees, core, hill repeats, walking lunges) with my lax team. I will be curious how I fare at Catawba as well---you know we are running it in the CW direction this year?

Keep posting, I am learning a ton!

Neal Jamison said...

Thanks Sophie. Burpees, Core, Hill Repeats and Walking Lunges are all on my lunchtime workout menu. It sounds like you will do very well at Catawba. I would be interested to see how well you would do on less mileage.