Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Run Commute

(image courtesy of http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/)

When I really want to peak for a long race, I turn to the Run Commute for that extra challenge.

I live about 10 miles from where I work, so that is too far for me to run without having to get up at 4am. Plus, a 20-mile road run commute would put an end to my running pretty quickly. So, I get up around 5:30, and drive a few miles in to a convenient parking place. From there I shoulder my Hot Shot laptop backpack, turn on my Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS, and head towards town. The nice thing about the GPS is that I can select from any number of routes, and still know my exact distance.

I usually get in between 4 and 6 miles in the morning, then a more direct 4 miles in the afternoon. Carrying a laptop, along with the twice/day run, really challenges my body and gets me race ready.

I don't do this more than two days per week, and usually only within a month or so before a big event. I've used the Run Commute to train for all of my big ultras. It's a lot of pavement pounding, so I tread lightly and get off road every chance I get.

The Run Commute is not for everyone. But if you can swing it, give it a shot.

P.S., an update on The Interval Challenge. I've done this workout twice since I wrote about it in January, and taken almost 2 minutes off of my finishing time. Today when we finished (13:58 vs. starting time of 15:52), we joked about how we might have to start doing it twice!

P.S.S. I have changed my Bike to Work goal for the year to include running. My goal is now to Run OR Bike to work more than 90 days this year. With my run in this morning I am up to 5 days. Slow start, but warmer weather and longer days are coming.

Run hard out there...



Sophie Speidel said...

How about the "Son Just Got His License" commute? I gave the car to my almost-17-year-old after school and he drove it to lacrosse practice, about a mile away. I ran to the car using a combo of trails and roads for a nice 10 miler, arriving just as practice ending.

I am also going to run to work (another 5-7 miler) and have the kids meet me there with the car and my backpack and towel (I work at their school).

Still working on getting hubby to ride his bike to work...

Neal Jamison said...


Wear the backpack. It's extra training!


Griffin said...

How do you guys stop from sweating and stinking all day. If i ran 6 or so miles before work especially in the summer i would be sweating so much i would need a shower. I would turn into the stinky kid in school...lol

Neal Jamison said...


I don't have a shower available so I have to take special precautions. First, I sit and cool off (stop sweating) while I check some email, etc.

Then, in the bathroom, I clean up a little with paper towels, or if it is really bad, a wet washcloth.

I keep deodorant and body spray, stuff like that here.

Stinking has never really been a problem. And believe me, I work with people who would tell me if it were.

Good luck.

Chris Russell said...

I'm running to work as part of my marathon training once a week - it's 17.5 miles. Next week I'm going to try to go both ways. Takes me about an 2.5 hours.
Chris (the RunRunLive Podcast over at www.runrunlive.com